About US

Our philosophy

Brushy Creek Ballers was originaly created in 2001.

This group started playing soccer at IBM fields wich now we know as Domain. Few years later this group moved to free skilled fields at Parmer Ln. The group has been practicing soccer two times a week at night. We have become organized in 2019 to rent a field and help our group become something better. We always welcome people to join us and have fun. Our group is a soccer friendly, and we are expecting a fair play and respect form each and every participating person.


Some or those who created this group still play with us and, we are always happy to see them on every game. Agdol, Edi, Farhad, and Morad. We doo respect and expect everyone to respect each other and our elders.


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Important notes:

We are sorry that at this point we stopped to add more people to our group. Over 40 people have joined our group and we do not have any space available currently. Any changes will be notified.


the victory lineup

Paul Castillo





Marvin Lee


Juan Gómez










Alex Cabadas




Shung Tae





Our Rules

To Play

1.- Organization and LeadershipBrushy Creek Ballers is a nonprofit organization led by elected board members
responsible for group decisions and operations. Funds collected support field
rental, equipment, and essential resources.2.- Respect for LeadersElected leaders are to be respected for their guiding role within the group.3.- Member InputMembers have the right to voice concerns or ideas. Collective agreement among
members can prompt action by elected leaders.4.- Limited Space and MembershipDue to field limitations, participation is reserved for group members. Full
access requires membership.5.- Membership ManagementOnly leaders have the authority to add or remove members, overseeing the
group’s organization.6.- Unacceptable Behavior
6.1.- The following actions are strictly prohibited on the field: fighting,
arguing, slide tackling, cursing, rough play, and actions that may cause harm
or discomfort to fellow members.
6.2.- Disagreements about playstyle should be handled constructively, without
creating negativity. Everyone is encouraged to contribute positively to the
group’s energy.
6.3Leaders have the right to give warning verbal and in writing in group chat so
everyone could see what is happening. If a member receives three written
warnings in the group chat or formal writing, it will automatically lead to
ejection from the group and is not welcome to comeback. Below are outlines
steps to EJECTION FROM Group-A. First written warning in the group chat.B. Second written warning plus ban for up to a season. (Board members will
decide)C. Third written warning will result in automatic ejection and prevent member
from being able to join this group in the future.7.- Safety and Fair PlaySafety is a priority. Leaders may act as referees and ask persistent
aggressive players to leave. Non-compliance may lead to a group ban.8.- Compliance with Rules and ValuesNon-compliance with rules and values may result in removal from the group,
with no guarantee of refund for paid memberships.9.- Game Size and EnjoymentGames with over 24 participants should be split into two sessions for a
better experience and reduced injury risk.10.- Friendly AtmosphereEncouraging a friendly practice where everyone respects each other’s pace.
Excessive aggression may lead to a ban, prioritizing safety in the nonprofit
organization.11.- Open CommunicationWelcoming concerns and suggestions for collective growth.12.- Board Decision-MakingIn the event that board leaders cannot remove a member, a group vote will
decide on the member’s removal collectively.


goals for the team

We are a none profit organization. We do collect dues for buying goals, balls and to rent a place if possible. We do ask our group members to please try pay their dues before the deadline. It may vary how much money we collect each time and how much depending on the cost of reserving a place. Our goals is to rent and have a reservation every season.